Support Redwood

Annual Operating Support

Supporting the annual operations of Redwood Cooperative School is essential for maintaining our quality of education, ensuring our financial sustainability, and fostering the larger impact we have on the broader community and our region. 

Your annual gift promotes educational equity by helping us bridge the financial gap between tuition revenue and actual operating costs. This ensures that all students, regardless of their economic background, have access to a Redwood education.

How your charitable contribution makes a difference by: 

Funding a progressive and democratic educational model that is unique in central Kentucky.  

Innovating programs that provide students and educators in our region the opportunity to learn from us, to generate ideas with us, and ignite our broader community with our educational model. 

Providing access to education to ensure that students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds can attend. 

Offering a diverse curriculum, grounded in our mission to foster students’ intellectual, social and emotional development and empowers them to reach their full potential in an inclusive, supportive environment. 

Investing in professional development opportunities for educators, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the latest teaching techniques and educational trends.

Impacting our community as we serve as a community hub by hosting events, environmental projects, and cultural activities that benefit our neighbors. 

Ensuring our facilities are well-maintained is critical to creating a conducive learning environment for our students. 

Sustaining our future through a stable financial base for the school, reducing the reliance on tuition fees and allowing the institution to plan for the long term. 

Every gift counts! As an independent school, we rely on the generosity of our community to support our needs.  Our sustaining sources of revenue come from tuition, fees and charitable donations from donors like you.  Thank you for making a meaningful contribution to ensure that a Redwood education remains accessible and thriving each and every year.

Capital Campaign

Redwood Cooperative School is currently in the public phase of a special campaign to raise funds for our campus expansion and other critical improvements. As of Fall 2023 we have raised over $900,000 toward our $1.5 million goal.  

Top Ten Reasons to Support Our Campaign 

  1. Create New and Enhanced Learning Spaces to offer more engaging and effective learning environments, allowing us to meet enrollment demands.
  1. Upgrade Aging Infrastructure to renovate existing facilities, ensuring that they remain safe, efficient, and conducive to learning.
  1. Innovative Educational Spaces for maker and performer spaces, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) lab, and an art studio. 
  1. Access to Advanced Technology for infrastructure upgrades and acquisition of cutting-edge technology to provide students with tools for a 21st-century education.
  1. Expand Our Campus allows us to grow to meet the needs of an increasing student population. 
  1. Reclaim Our Athletic Facilities by moving the temporary classrooms out of the gym into new facilities will allow us the proper spaces to promote physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship while providing a venue for events that bring people together indoors.
  1. Build More Places to Celebrate Arts and Culture to showcase student talents in the performing and visual arts, enriching the cultural life of the school and the community.
  1. Promote Environmental Sustainability as we prioritize sustainability by investing in energy-efficient infrastructure and green technologies. 
  1. Meet the Needs of Our Students Today through greater financial stability for the school. With additional resources, ultimately, we can allocate more to scholarships and financial aid, making quality education accessible to a wider range of students.
  1. Sustain the Future through a lasting legacy. Donors become part of Redwood’s history, ensuring that future generations benefit from improved facilities and educational opportunities.

Will you consider being a philanthropic leader by contributing to our capital campaign? 


Leave a Legacy

A deferred gift to Redwood is a thoughtful and impactful way to leave a lasting legacy, support educational excellence, and ensure that future generations of students have access to a progressive education. Deferred gifts, also known as planned gifts, are contributions made now with the benefits realized by the school at a later date, typically upon the donor’s passing.  These gifts can be made via a bequest in your will or trust or via a beneficiary designation in your life insurance or retirement plan (often the most tax-advantaged way to give!).


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