Children Learn Best Through Doing

The Redwood Elementary program is structured upon the idea that children learn best through doing. We provide plenty of opportunities for hands-on exploration and real world connections, while meeting targeted educational benchmarks and goals. Our unique curriculum is developed to meet the needs of each child in our program. Due to the ratio we are committed to maintaining, we are able to differentuate learning and offer both small-group and one-on-one, as well as whole group learning experiences.

Whole child development is a key goal at Redwood Cooperative School. We give equal attention to social, emotional, moral and cognitive growth in our students. We want our children to learn critical thinking and problem solving skills to become 21st century learners.

Each day at Redwood, students enjoy periods of literacy, math and thematic study, as well as 90 minutes of unstructured outdoor time. The benefits of unstructured outdoor time are not only in being able to move and release energy, but in developing social skills, creative thinking and appreciation for nature. We also cultivate a connection to nature throughout the school day by incorportating outdoor learning into each area of our curriculum. You will often find our students outside utilizing nature to learn about place value and multiplication, engaging in writing workshops and even enjoying specials classes outdoors. Students also attend art, music, science, physical education and Spanish classes each week.


Redwood elementary is a full-day, 8:15 am-3:15 pm program, allowing more opportunities for deep exploration; extended learning centers; long periods of outdoor learning, including gardening and rich nature exploration; more opportunities for music and art; and time for social and emotional growth.

Class Size & Ratio

Because we believe in the continuum of learning, our classes are structured to allow children to learn with and from each other in a blended classroom. 

Elementary class ratios are 12:1

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