Redwood Cooperative School engages preschool through middle school students in hands-on, inquiry-based learning. We maintain an excellent teacher-to-student ratio for personalized instruction and attention for all students. These ratios facilitate active engagement in and out of the classroom and help develop a love of learning in all of our students. Redwood is a progressive education school, utilizing project-based learning and promoting active engagement from our community of families.

Our Learning Model

Redwood Cooperative School was established in 2014 with the goal of encouraging children’s creativity and curiosity through differentiated learning to meet each student’s academic and emotional goals. Through a focused model of progressive education, utilizing project based learning, Redwood creates a school environment that nurtures the whole child.

Our students engage in active, experiential learning in core subject areas – language arts, math, and theme study; as well as science, art, music, foreign language, and physical education. Our students work on thematic projects that tie together each subject area, while working to solve real world problems. Redwood students are also fortunate to have time for development and growth through structured and unstructured outdoor connections.